New Daewoo Cars

General Motors has a new lineup of Daewoo cars coming out for 2009. A large variety of styles will be or are already being released in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. The projected 2009 and 2010 releases are showing that the Daewoo division of General Motors is committed to revamping and replacing the entire current lineup of Daewoo cars on the market today. The chief among these releases is the all new Daewoo Veritas. As these cars are only released in Europe and Asia all of the units of measurement are in the Metric System.

2009 Veritas: GM Daewoo has released a new large luxury sedan for 2009. The GM Daewoo Veritas are said to be large, luxury, rear wheel drive, sedans, that will offer excellent driving performance while having unmatched interior comfort, safety, and spaciousness. Daewoo promises that the Veritas will redefine the image of the upscale premium large sedan. The Daewoo Veritas will feature a powerful 3.6 liter V-6 engine with a respectable 252 horsepower and 34Kg/m in torque. The Veritas will be complemented by a five-speed automatic transmission. The new transmission will provide fully integrated gear setting to maximize fuel economy and engine responsiveness. The new drive train will also feature new General Motors technology with the Sport Shift and Active Select features. These new features will allow the driver to have a more enjoyable driving experience. The Veritas have the largest interior room in their class. The shoulder and leg room in the back seat are also best in class. The all aluminum engine will include an advanced Engine Control Unit that will regulate ignition timing and fuel injection. These features will result in a maximum fuel economy of 8.6 km per liter.

2009 Matiz: On the complete opposite side of the car spectrum is the Daewoo Matiz. The Daewoo Matiz is a sub-compact or mini car, featuring minimal size and maximum fuel economy. For Several Years, the Daewoo Matiz has been a popular car choice in Korea, and India, along with other parts of Asia. For 2009 The Matiz will be offered in five different trim levels at different price ranges. All of these prices that will be listed are for the base versions of each model's trim level. The 2009 Matiz City will be sold at a base price of roughly $4,700 The Matiz City is the lowest level model offered, and therefore the most inexpensive. The Matiz SX Orange will be sold at a base price of around $5,350. The Matiz Orange model is unique in the fact that it is targeted at women specifically. The Matiz Joy's base price will be around $5,400. The Matiz Joy is the second level model of the 2009 Daewoo Matiz lineup. For 2009 the Matiz Super will be offered at close to $5,700. The Super is the highest level trim level offered for the Matiz.

The 2009 Daewoo Matiz SX Star will be sold at roughly $5,600. The SX Star is an all new trim line for the Matiz in 2009, coming with a sharper more edgy look. The Matiz, depending on options such as manual or automatic transmissions, will come with excellent fuel economy ratings of 100km per 8.4 liters or 34 miles per gallon in the city. The highway rating of the Matiz will boast an incredible fuel rating of 100 km per 5.2 liters or 54 mpg. The 2009 Daewoo Matiz comes with a wide variety of standard and optional features to fit the needs of most prospective buyers.